Living in the Now: How to Make Mindfulness Fun and Attainable.

Jan 3, 2024 | Health & Wellness, Products

If your 2024 goals include showing up more fully in each moment, you’re not alone. Research shows a staggering 47% of our thoughts are wandering at any given time rather than being presently focused. Between constant smartphone pings, jam-packed schedules, and barrage of push notifications, paying attention sounds easier said than done.

Yet developing awareness and directing our focus intentionally in the present has profound benefits for our productivity, relationships, happiness and more. So how can we tap into mindfulness and calm when modern life seems relentlessly chaotic? A few simple strategies can help you dial down distraction and drink in each minute, mindfully.

Be MORE present in 2024 with Nature’s Sunshine!

Curate Information Intake

Consider doing brief “digital detox” windows each day when you set devices aside, limit input and quiet the nervous system. Even 30 device-free minutes lets you reset attention versus continually shifting between tasks.

Single-Task to Immerse Yourself
While multi-tasking seems efficient, toggling between activities impedes cognitive performance up to 40%, studies show. Instead, concentrate fully on one priority task at a time without split attention. You’ll retain more while feeling less frazzled.

Schedule Mindfulness Sessions
Bookend days with short meditation or reflection rituals summoning mental clarity and emotional calm by tapping inward. Setting mini-meditative reminders throughout days maintains mind-body equilibrium and centered awareness despite any surrounding whirlwinds.

Supplement Supportive Botanicals

Counter anxiety and gently quiet racing thoughts with Ashwagandha.  Focus ATN is loaded with nutrients and botanicals specially chosen to help soothe and support the nervous system.   Melatonin promotes the body’s natural sleep rhythm to help you settle down for the night.

From devices that distract to demanding deadlines, modern life enables wandering cognition. But brief rituals summoning supplements’ botanical power realign present moment focus for enriched productivity, relationships and wellbeing.