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Frequently Asked Questions
How Does Someone Become A New Consultant?

Simply visit the Nature’s Sunshine website and purchase a Starter Kit. Each new Consultant will receive free shipping and a discount coupon they can use on their next order.

How Do I Earn Commissions As A Consultant?

Consultants earn commissions both by referring new Customers to Nature’s Sunshine and by developing a team of Customers and Consultants who purchase Nature’s Sunshine products. Eligibility for commissions is dependent on rank qualifications.

How Are My Commissions Calculated?

Commissions for product purchases made by Customers and Affiliates are based on the Customer/Affiliate Sharing Plan. For the individual who directly referred the purchasing Customer or Affiliate, commissions are based on the order cost (in local currency). All other eligible earners receive their commissions based on the Purchase Volume (PV) of the customer’s order.
Commissions for product purchases made by Consultants are based on the Consultant Plan, and are calculated using the Purchase Volume (PV) of the Consultant’s order.

When Are My Commissions Calculated?

Most commissions are calculated and awarded in near real-time. Additional earnings are available in some situations based on monthly qualifications, and these are awarded between the 10th and 15th of the following month.

How Do I Receive My Commissions?

Commission earners are invited to acquire a PayQuicker account. This gives each earner the ability to quickly access commissions and apply their earnings in a variety of ways. See “PayQuicker” section for details.