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Shown here: Chlorophyll

Detoxify and deodorize your body while strengthening your gut.

Shown here: Echinacea
Our echinacea provides industry leading immune support.

Nature Holds the Answers, We Bottle Them.

Nature’s Sunshine changed the world as the first company to put herbs into easy-to-take capsules. For almost 50 years we’ve brought the healing power of herbs to millions of people across  North America, and with over 200+ products we have something for everyone, starting with you.

Born in the Wild,
Proven in the Lab

Delivering the results you expect is a strenuous process. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. We travel the world seeking the earth’s most pure and potent ingredients and use more than 600 tests to ensure each one of our herbal formulas is ready to do exactly what it’s supposed to do.

200+ Natural Solutions, All Under One Cap!

Our Herbalists’ Favourites

Adrenal Support

Helps the body manage stress.

Probiotic 11

Broad spectrum probiotic blend. Repopulate your gut bacteria.


Seasonal respiratory support and soothes irritated tissues.


Clean and natural ingredients inspire everything we do. Our rigorous testing and award-winning manufacturing allow us to achieve the highest levels of purity. More…


Proprietary formulas and groundbreaking research creates the most potent and reliable formulations on the market. More…


Innovative science with direct input from thousands of herbalists, natural healers, nutritionists, and health practitioners allows us to deliver the most powerful and effective products on the market. More…

Healthy Cholesterol Patented!

Cardiox LDL offers a patented mix blend of Citrus bergamia extract and proprietary antioxidants to keep your LDL cholesterol healthy naturally.

Why Do Our Probiotics Provide the Best Gut Health?

Unlike other probiotics, our products use the most researched probiotic strains in precise doses! We also use a proprietary capsule designed to release beneficial bacteria when and where they do the most good.

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What Our Customers are Saying…

Discover the Power of Collagen

“Love the taste and really see a difference in my skin and hair will be forever using this…”


I Love Nature's Tumeric

“The colour is exciting and I love to use this herb to season my soups and my husband loves the way it makes his skin look good.”


Sharing the Healing Power of Nature

Our passion for sharing the healing power of nature lies at the heart of everything we do. The Impact Foundation is the charitable arm of Nature’s Sunshine Products. Since 1972, when Nature’s Sunshine became the first company to encapsulate herbs, hundreds of thousands have joined us in our cause.

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Be a Force of Nature

Terrence MooreheadIt’s never been in our nature to settle.

For almost 50 years, we’ve found a curious pleasure in doing things the hard way: traveling to the ends of the Earth in search of the rarest, purest, and most potent ingredients; following the most rigorous quality standards that use a mind-numbing array of tests and procedures that our peers say aren’t necessary, but that we believe are absolutely required; and working tirelessly to build one of the most powerful networks of herbalists, nutritionists, naturopaths, natural healers, scientists, and researchers in the world. The results speak for themselves and have helped us create one of the largest, most effective collections of herbal and natural supplements available today.

Maybe we’re a bit obsessed, but let’s just be polite and call it “passion”.

Of course, at a time when we’re all facing so many unprecedented challenges, maybe what we need is a little more passion. Maybe what we need is something to unlock the infinite potential that lies within each of us. Maybe we need to breakout, express our freedom, spread our wings, flex our muscles, open our minds, and recapture our adventurous spirit!

Connecting with nature is a crucial step in the right direction. The beauty, power, and restorative properties of nature have the ability to unlock our potential. When we embrace the power of nature, we can go places — physically, mentally and emotionally — that we’d never be able to otherwise. There simply are no limits when we tap into the power of nature.

As the first company to encapsulate herbs, Nature’s Sunshine has always felt a strong calling to share the healing power of nature with as many people as possible. It’s a calling that inspires us to hone our craft – from our farmers, herbalists, and health practitioners, to our scientists and award-winning manufacturing and quality teams, everyone at Nature’s Sunshine truly embodies what it means to be a force of nature. Our company was founded to serve you. To help you reach your goals. To help you recapture your adventurous spirit. To help you be a force of nature. You can be sure that we’ll continue our dedication to that cause.

Terrence Moorehead
Chief Executive Officer
Nature’s Sunshine