Beautiful, Beneficial Beets

Oct 19, 2023 | Health & Wellness, Products

We all know vegetables are good for us. We’ve been hearing that since we were tiny… “If you want to grow up to be big and strong, eat your vegetables.” Unlike candy and many baked goods (that most of us might prefer), vegetables are pretty much packed with nutrients, including vitamins, antioxidants and fiber. But since they’re low-calorie foods, they help you feel full without helping you pack on pounds.

Are all vegetables created equal? Hardly. Just look at their colors and you can tell that some veggies might be better than others. Different varieties provide different beneficial nutrients.

  • Carrots, sweet potatoes and yellow peppers provide beta-carotene for eye health and help support the heart. They also support skin health.
  • Kale, spinach and other dark-green leafy veggies are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants like zeaxanthin, plus nutritious chlorophyll. These phytonutrients help protect eye health, fetal development and support the immune system.
  • Tomatoes, beets and radishes help protect the heart, boost circulation, and they provide valuable lycopene for prostate support.
  • Eggplant and purple potatoes tend to help protect the brain and nervous system, and they boost circulation.


Let’s focus on one super-colorful super food…red beets. This amazing ground vegetable is simply overflowing with nutrients that can boost health.

  • Nitrates are key raw materials for the nitric oxide molecule that opens up blood vessels, supporting healthy circulation to the entire body. Higher nitric oxide levels are linked to exercise performance, healthy blood pressure levels and reduced recovery time after exercise.
  • Fiber is needed for gut health and regular elimination. It nourishes the trillions of cells that live in your gut. One cup of beets provides almost 4 grams of dietary fiber. Fiber also supports healthy blood sugar levels and may help support balanced cholesterol levels. It can also help you feel full, so less snacking.
  • Antioxidants help offset oxidative stress that can damage and weaken blood vessels, organs and cells. One such antioxidant, betalain, provides the colorful pigment that gives beet root its unique deep-red color. Betalain may also help support the body’s natural inflammatory response. And, according to research, these molecules may offer “health-promoting potential” for the immune system.
  • Vitamin C helps protect your heart and supports immune health.
  • Minerals like magnesium, which supports bone and heart health. And potassium, which helps the kidneys in their quest to maintain balanced fluid levels.


Beet root was first grown as a crop in western Europe in the 16th century. Traditionally beets have been used to support the liver and promote detoxification. They also influence brain function and blood flow to the brain, and they can boost energy.

Researchers at Wake Forest University found that the high concentration of nitrates in beet root helps combat age-related brain decline and helps support brain function.

Did you know?

A 2012 study in the British Journal of Nutrition found that beet root helped to improve both systolic and diastolic blood pressure numbers.


  • Supports blood flow and circulation
  • Helps energize the body
  • Supports recovery after exercise or activity
  • Supports blood pressure levels in the normal range
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress


Many people avoid beets due to their earthy taste. Problem solved. Reach for Power Beets, a beet powder and superfood blend that mixes into water or juice for a powerful circulatory beverage that’s more practical and perhaps palatable than the O.B.

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