The Art of Feeling Refreshed: A 2024 Guide

Jan 3, 2024 | Health & Wellness, Products

What does it truly mean to feel refreshed on an ongoing basis? Beyond bouncing back after holiday indulgences or a weekend bender, true refresh-ness is about nurturing our body, mind and spirit through daily practices that leave us radiating health.

When everything’s flowing in sync, you tap into an optimal state of being. But when life gets chaotic, it takes a toll. Stress, unhealthy food, toxicity – it manifests in not feeling our best physically and mentally.

The good news? We can cultivate sustainable refresh-ness with some simple daily tweaks. Let’s break it down.

Feel MORE refreshed in 2024 with Nature’s Sunshine!

Mindset Matters

 Our mood and outlook create chemical reactions that cascade through the body. Stress triggers fight-or-flight reactions of cortisol and adrenaline that over time cause inflammation, high blood pressure, fatigue and more.

Whereas gratitude, joy and optimism release feel-good endorphins, dopamine and serotonin to boost immunity, energy levels and resilience.


  • Begin a gratitude journal
  • Practice mindful breathing/meditation
  • Limit device usage 30 mins before bed

Prime Your Plumbing

Flushing out impurities supports vital organ function and immunity. Incorporating natural diuretics like dandelion, chlorophyll and turmeric whisks away toxins for clean pipes!


  • Hydrate with lemon water to activate digestion
  • Incorporate chlorophyll, dandelion and turmeric to flush away toxins
  • Chlorophyll also energizes cells by boosting hemoglobin

Microbiome TLC

Balancing your gut flora via fermented foods and spore probiotics helps the “good guys” flourish for improved digestion, absorption and detox abilities.


  • Consume fermented foods like kimchi, kefir, sauerkraut
  • Limit sugar, alcohol and processed foods that disrupt delicate gut balance

Liver & Lymph Lovin’

The liver filters 1.5 quarts of blood per minute! Yet so many daily pollutants, chemicals and medications overburden this key organ. Milk thistle, glutathione and alkaline nutrition give it rebooting relief. And supporting lymph flow with rebounding or dry brushing lets cells refresh.

  • Tips: Milk thistle, glutathione and turmeric support liver detox pathways
  • Rebound for 10 mins to get lymph flowing

You see, feeling refreshed goes beyond the quick fix after a weekend bender. It’s the daily culmination of supporting our body, mind and spirit’s intricate ecosystems holistically. Give yourself some extra TLC in 2024! Here’s to sustained, radiant wellbeing.